Big Bear Cycling Association . . . “Ride with Us!”

Big Bear Cycling Association

Whether you are a vacationer, visitor, second homeowner or full time resident, Big Bear Valley is one of the finest cycling areas in all of California!  Riding at 7,000 – 8,500’ is just like training with the pros and with our beautiful outdoor atmosphere, 330 days of sunshine and our clear, cool weather it just doesn’t get any better than Big Bear!  Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Cycle Cross or Cruising, in Big Bear it's always a good day to ride!

The Big Bear Cycling Association has guided and organized rides Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday during the spring/summer/fall riding season (April/May – November).  You can view our schedule and route levels from the Open Air Big Bear Events Calendar or at the Big Bear Cycling Association website. We also host a variety of rides in our “Adventure Series” which are destination cycling events both on and off the mountain all year around.  Drop us an email at and we will add you to our list and be sure you are contacted.

Big Bear Cycling Association


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